Hello, I’m Maggie Talbot, owner & creator of Interiors By MT Design Ltd

Meet Maggie – In the beginning.

I had been working for  multiply international manufacturing companies for over 20 years years and was feeling that maybe it was time for a change….. but what?  Well, I’d been dreaming for years about starting my own kitchen business, but could I really do it? 

After discussions with my husband & redundancy on the cards. I decided that it was now or never, if it failed at least I’d tried. 

So what next?

Firstly, I thought about everything I disliked about the industry I love. How it has the reputation for direct selling, heavy unrealistic discounting product and BUDGET focused.

I’d always worked my family around my job, now I’m a Nana I wanted to switch that around. I wanted to help anyone & everyone who needed help with their kitchen project. 

So, I reached out to some of my contacts & started getting myself out there letting people know my plans. Before long I’d sold my first kitchen YAY.

Modern living is busy. 

As a mother of two and Nana of three, I understand that all too well!  So, I decided not to have a showroom with restricted opening hours. Instead, I will visit you at home at a time that is convenient to you. This means you’ll have my undivided attention, with no interruption from any other customers.

I work with both local & national suppliers which enables me to offer a comprehensive range of styles & finishes. As well as  bespoke products & a service which is tailored to your needs.

I believe in offering a sensible price which is based on the quality of product & services I provide, without any silly discounted prices.