How to get the best of a smaller kitchen

by | 20 Jan 2022

Light grey shaker kitchen with gey marble quartz & solid oak worktop

Written by Maggie Talbot

Maggie is the owner and creator of Interiors by MT design Ltd and has been in the kitchen industry since 1999. Helping busy home owners create the kitchen of their dreams.

If you’re looking to make your small kitchen, feel bigger, or to get the best out of a smaller kitchen – then this is the blog post for you. A kitchen that is functional as well as beautiful can be challenging, especially in smaller kitchens – but there is a way. We give some examples of how you can get the best out of a smaller kitchen in this blog post.

Attract Attention to the Ceiling

By drawing the eye to the ceiling, you will make a small kitchen feel much bigger. A great way of doing this is by using tall units that extend up to the ceiling. However, we don’t mean walls of cupboard doors. Why not have some open shelving which is ideal for storing ‘prettier’ kitchen items or house plants, for example. A painted ceiling or statement kitchen light fittings are great ways to attract attention to the ceiling too.

No Storage Opportunity Missed

When we design a kitchen space, no matter the size, we think about how the overall space will work, but also how each cabinet will be used. Think about adding internal accessories  to make the interior of the cabinets more efficient. This will also help create a more effective workflow in the kitchen too. Adding wirework to the back of doors, underside of shelves and pull-out drawers are all great additions for helping you get the best out of a smaller kitchen.

Clever Light Placement

With the right lighting a smaller kitchen can be made to look and feel much bigger. While the initial aim of lighting is to light up the room, you then need to think about additional lighting. For example, task lighting so when you are preparing, cooking, or eating food you have the light you need. Clever lighting will also set the ambience and mood of the room too. Decorative spot lighting is a great example of how a kitchen space can be made to feel more open and well planned. Consider the colour of your kitchen when thinking about the colour of your lighting.

Limit Your Colour Palette

By using too many colours you can make a small room feel busy, crowded and even smaller. We would recommend that you choose one or two dominant colours. This will quickly and easily make a small kitchen look and feel like a bigger space. Having just one or two colours will help create a more coordinated look for your kitchen too.

Light-Reflecting Accessories

Once you have the layout of your kitchen design sorted, think about your decorative accessories, that will reflect light around your kitchen. Just as you would add accessories to your new bedroom design, you need to do the same to your kitchen. Small decorative touches really add personality to the kitchen. Metallic or white items such as plant pots, wall decorations and picture frames will bounce light around the kitchen creating a more spacious area.

If you’re looking for ways to get the best out of a smaller kitchen call Interiors By MT Design now. We will take the time to understand what you dream of for your new kitchen, and we will create something that exceeds all expectations, while staying within your budget.

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