How Much Does a new Kitchen cost?

by | 19 Jan 2023

Light grey shaker kitchen with gey marble quartz & solid oak worktop

Written by Maggie Talbot

Maggie is the owner and creator of Interiors by MT design Ltd and has been in the kitchen industry since 1999. Helping busy home owners create the kitchen of their dreams.

This blog is to assist you in your question “How much does a new kitchen cost?” It will help give you an very basic idea. To get a much clearer cost we would need to ask more detailed questions.

So, you have decided you want a new kitchen, what now?

    • In my option, a good place to start is to make lists: I LOVE a List 😊

    • What do you really Like and dislike about your current kitchen?

    • What do you feel that you really must have?

    • If money was no object, what would you absolutely love to have in your new kitchen?  

Other points to consider are, do you need to any new appliances or can you re use your existing ones for the time being? Finally, maybe the most important question is, how do you intend to use the space, entertaining, family space or purely cook the meals and leave?  

So how do you calculate how much your kitchen will cost?

Without going into too much detail and searching the internet for the exact products you want to include. There are some very quick tips, to give you a very rough idea of what your kitchen could cost. Please note that all these figures are only an idea.

    • Installation: For a standard kitchen, that there is no building work to be done will cost from approx. £3,000.00 upwards. This really depends on a lot of factors, i.e., what electrics, plumbing and gas work is required.

    • Appliances: This will depend on what brand and specification you are looking for. But as a guide I would say allow approx. £600.00 per appliance, now again not exact as, a hob can cost anything from £150.00 right up to over £3,000.00. But at this stage you are just aiming for a guide not the exact amount.

    • Worktop: What worktop are you looking for? Laminate worktops would be anywhere from approx. £500.00 – £1,000.00+, Solid wood approx. £1,500.00 -£2,500.00+. Solid surface such as quartz or granite you would be looking at anything from £3,500.00 upwards.

    • Sink and Taps: The most cost-effective way is to go for a sink & tap pack, again the price range is vast but as an average for a basic sink and tap approx. £400.00. Again you can spend a lot more.

In Summary

So based on 5 new appliances, which is the average (oven, hob, hood, dishwasher, fridge/freezer), sink and tap pack, laminate worktop @£750.00 and installation you would have a basic idea of cost, of £6,650.00 and this is without adding the units.

Working out how much your kitchen furniture will cost is a bit trickier. So, for the purpose of this exercise, I will base it on a full kitchen, with a mid-point door in a standard colour to include a mix of tall, wall and base units with a mix of doored, & drawer units. But with no internal wire work. This would be approx.  £7,500.00

So, your kitchen project would be a total of £14,650.00.

To be very clear, these figures are just an idea to get you started and are based on average figures from my own company and my experience within the kitchen industry.

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